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如生物多样性补偿(Biodiversity Offsets)生物多样性信贷交易(Biodiversity Banking),环评影响评价法。



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Eco-Compensation Mechanisms in China -Focus on Biodiversity Offsets and Banking-

Eco-Compensation Mechanisms in China

-Focus on Biodiversity Offsets and Banking-

Hongwei Shi

Tokyo City University,

Landscape Ecosystems Tanaka-Lab, 3-3-1 Ushikubo-nishi, Tuzuki Ward, Yokohama City, Japan

Email: g1283109@tcu.ac.jp


KEY WORDS: Eco-Compensation, Biodiversity Offsets, Biodiversity Banking, Polluter Pays Principle, Sustainable development


Although China has a very rich biodiversity, it is also part of a region where biodiversity resources have declined rapidly. Threats to biodiversity in China include a large human-uses of economic,industrial developments, climate change, and exotic invasive species, which reduced the habitat quality, resulting in losses of biodiversity. In 2004 year, China started to develop a huge ecological compensation mechanisms, a narrow understanding is payment for ecological services or payment for environmental services, broad understanding is PPP (Polluter Pays Principle) or BPP (Benefit Pays Principle), the biodiversity offsets compliance with PPP, put it in to this mechanism. Importantly this mechanism involve biodiversity conservation, although not enough,  thorough this paper focus on biodiversity offsets and banking as a supplement to improve this mechanism. In many countries such as America, Canada, Australia had imported biodiversity offsets and banking. Through literature research methods to analyze the status of biodiversity conservation in China, including laws, policies, case studies, to compare with the countries being implemented biodiversity offsets and banking. The results show that China exists the concepts of biodiversity offsets in the law (Forest Law) and policies (Technical Guideline for Environmental Impact Assessment Ecological Impact), in addition, there are similar cases in China (China’s Forest Revegetation Fee). According to the above situation, China can try to do the pilot project like UK, Malaysia, and France.


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